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  1. Kirsten says:

    Hey guys, i’m a new listener and I have to say I am absouletly in love with your podcast and I love all the wonderful insight on the show. It’s nice to hear the opinions of those other than mine!! I have a kinda random question but in the words of holly holiday, “everybodys got a random!!” I was just wondering what your insights are on the next episode, prom, what do you think will happen or how things will go down. Also what do you think of the “Born this way” episode, they already did that last season so how do you think it will differ from last seasons episode and what It will cover? Thanks for the great podcast! Keep it up!

  2. Michael says:

    Hey guys,
    I have been listening since mid-first season and love your podcast! I would totally buy a t-shirt but you don’t have any big enough for men-of-size. What are the odds of a 3X? I know your used to California where everyone drives Aston Martins ;) and is skinny as rails but… LOL

    Seriously though larger sizes would be brilliant!

    Again great job on the cast and keep up the good work until the monsoon strikes.

  3. IncaBaby says:

    Howdy from Sunny Seattle! Love your podcast! I’m not sure how many of us Browncoats are Gleeks too, but I sure am…Seven seasons of the Signal Podcast…but they have fanfic & and a whole nother solar system to discuss…

    Since Sandy made a return (as the pink dagger! poke, poke, toke…) I wanted to promote another podcast that Gleeks might enjoy: The Tobolowsky Files. Stephen is a great story teller! It’s free on Itunes.

    Love you guys,