about us

Josh and Jen live in North Hollywood, California and are the hosts of The Idle Review w/ Josh & Jen. They were married in October, 2009 and have been podcasting together since January, 2006. You can follow Jen (@jennibcreative, though she doesn’t say much), and Josh (@JoshBurnell, though he doesn’t say much worth saying).

Ed lives in Indiana and is the host of AI: Seven in Heaven. He’s a college student, majoring in Chemistry and loves Lady Gaga. Follow Ed (@edwardgiordano, he says lots of stuff).

3 Responses to about us

  1. Johnathan Doyle says:

    Love the podcast!!!! I look forward to it every week. Sometimes it’s better than the show! Keep up the great work.

  2. Michael says:

    Boone’s Farm – YES! Good times, Good times! Just say no to Penis Pills.

  3. jaime noyola says:

    you guys are great! i love the podcast and the way you guys explain things in depth is great! keep up the great work and say hi to ed! he’s frkn hillarious ‘shining down all over the world except for when the cyclones strike’ <<<awesome way to use the quote you guys! :D