Episode 59: Blaine and The Pips

Josh, Jen and Ed discuss the Warblers, Blaine and everyone’s favorite Singing-Harry-Potter, Darren Criss.

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3 Responses to Episode 59: Blaine and The Pips

  1. Becky from DC says:

    Hi guys! Wonderful podcast, as usual. Sooooooo thankful I have you to get my Glee fix during the hiatus.

    You are absolutely spot on in your assessment of Blaine’s role in the Glee-o-sphere– not intended to be as “plot forwarding” as his # of solos would warrant, but Darrren Criss’s talent and charisma rocket-propels forward.

    I was a fan of Darren and Glee before Blaine came to be, and I was in heaven when my two faves come together. There is, however, an uneasy tension between desperately wanting to see more of him each week, and wanting Glee to feature the characters I had grown to love before his arrival. Dalton spinoff, anyone???

    Don’t know if you came across these in your research of his independent songs, but check out these couple of releases by Charlene Kaye featuring Darren. More professionally produced and absolutely wonderful.



    P.S. I think “Adorable” describes Darren so fittingly, he could almost patent it exclusively for him. and puppies.

  2. Emma says:


    A show discussing Darren!
    Me gusta.

  3. Johanna says:

    Can’t seem to get this podcast downloaded, it just keept craching. Is it on my end?