Episode 7: I’m about to vomit down your back

Josh and Jen rejoin Ed to discuss Episode 7 of the Fox show “Glee,” entitled Throwdown. Pregnancies, fighting and how great is Amber Riley!!

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2 Responses to Episode 7: I’m about to vomit down your back

  1. sarnoNL4 says:

    Another GREAT show!Hey J&J&E I emailed u a little wedding gift linky link. Just a little something I threw together. Please don't feel obligated to use it! :)Here it is: http://gleeful.squarespace.com

  2. sudc says:

    Hey-I know for sure now that the show takes place in LIMA, Ohio. That's LYE-MA, not LEE-MA. It's in Allen County.Also-Lima only has one very small Jewish congregation and an almost non-existent gay community, so I think the writers are taking quite a bit of liberty in setting the show there!