Episode 2: Don’t you dare use the ‘C’ word

Josh, Jen & Ed discuss “Showmance,” the second episode 2 of “Glee,” as well as Chastity Club, white people doing hip-hop, Will’s evil wife and how much we love Jane Lynch!

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3 Responses to Episode 2: Don’t you dare use the ‘C’ word

  1. nohbody says:

    I really want to be on your podcast!! Is that an option? Because I think your podcast is great so far!

  2. ozxygen says:

    haha agreed! i have a lot of random insight too (: how could i skype with you guys?

  3. ZAPKVR says:

    Hey I saw thst ep last week. I loved it. Do you think that honky will have an "a" word? Like in real life she would have to right? No girl is going to throw away her entire future for the sake of a fling